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Description of the Book:

A random thought to weekend imaginations, A moment to express beautiful things that surround us, Words and line that sometimes motivates us, Places and nature that make us feel alive, Sunrise and sunsets that makes your emotion flow, People and memories that makes you in love with journey of life. And beliefs and dreams that makes us believe in beautiful God.

Weekend Musings

  • Author Name: Nishita Singh
    About the Author: Professionally a Practice Manager- coordinating and managing people & work. Occasionally an Academic & Content Writer. But, more likely an adventurous freak, traveler, hobbyist photographer, wildlife lover and someone who likes to embrace life at each day at a time. Living and exploring new places, cultures, and traditions is what makes my thoughts swirl and capturing those moments is what makes my pictures full of life.
    Book ISBN: 9781005335069


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