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Description of the Book:

"Weaving a way back to myself" is a book comprising of river of words which flows from the roots and releases energy which is so familiar, so intimate that it has a calming effect on the reader. Also the Poems are weaved around elementary words yet has intense meaning for readers. This book could be a way to add encouragement when you are feeling low and are looking for a way out We all have roots some are deeply engraved into us some are still in search of making their mark. This book is like a sip of cold water on a hot sunny day, which will leave you with a feeling of compassion and love towards self. The poems are a way to heal your energy and nourish yourself. We all have ups and downs in our daily life and we sometimes find it difficult to get through. These poems are a way of self encouragement, which in turn help you find a way out of worst of the situation. Having faith and hope is essential for the ultimate satisfaction you can achieve. Even when things seem way out of order, remember its just an abstract and at the end abstracts are exquisite. Knitting thoughts in a controlled manner and turning inwards into your own self is of utmost importance as You are the architect of your life. You will always be at peace if you have your own self on your side. Peace will lead the ability of conquering everything you dreamed of.

Weaving a Way Back to Myself

    About the Author: Sharlin Robert Macwan born in Wardha, Maharashtra is an architect by profession, artist and writer by passion. She currently resides in Nagpur. She finds herself connected to animals and nature in a deeper way. Her other talents span across singing, dancing, painting, gardening and cooking. Her poems have a flow and are very pertinent to the common persons life story. The words are put together so seamlessly they end up in a beautiful rhythm and rhyme. Her poems are simply a delicate connection to the self put into simple words with intense meaning which leaves the reader with a sense of enquiry. To her, everyone is a distinct thinker and should never hide the feelings but express themselves through power of words either by writing or speaking them.
    Book ISBN: 9781005944995


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