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Description of the Book :


Weaving A Warrior is not about trauma. It's about about finding the right fibres, preparing them, and knowing the story of that first stitch that starts us weaving. Each poem reflects on pivotal moments with Country, Ancestors, and Women who weave lives back together. In the aftermath of trauma, Neurodiverse Yuin woman Sara Kyanga Judge is done letting the waves crash into her...because we shouldn't need to be resilient every single day. Instead, she's out to weave herself into something defiant and strong - an everyday warrior.

Weaving A Warrior

  • Author Name :  Sara Kyanga Judge
    About the Author : Sara is a Neurodiverse Yuin woman with a deep love for challenging human relationships with the many other lives woven together with us into ‘Country’. Geographer and science communicator by trade, her real passion is storytelling, story-listening, weaving wonders, and dancing on the edges of society with pride and due defiance. When not wandering in her own worlds, Sara is out rescuing Bats, fighting for Autism and Aboriginal rights, and working with the First Nations dream-team at the Australian Museum.
    Book ISBN : 9781005458188


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