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Description of the Book:


Book Description As people with exceptionalities live their lives, there is usually a negative cloud that follows them everywhere they go. This negative cloud usually carries false stigmas that hurt the person it follows. One of these stigmas is the belief that people with exceptionalities are different from others in a harsh kind of way. “We Shine The Same” is a poetry book that emphasizes that people with exceptionalities are the same as everyone else in the world. “We Shine The Same” brings in different messages through the expression of poetry from the heart and soul. The importance of this topic is so vital. Every human being has a right for inclusion, fairness and equality. This includes us! The poetry book also expresses that no one is perfect globally, so acceptance is crucial for people with exceptionalities and everyone else. 


  • Author Name: Selena Reddy
    About the Author: 
    Author’s Biography Selena Reddy was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, known for its diversity of wildlife, gorgeous mountains, and oceans. Selena loves spending time with her family and friends. As a person, Selena strives to be a supportive woman, not just for her family and friends but also for the staff and the children in her early childhood education settings. She is a supportive woman to anyone, even strangers! Love, Trust, and Care are essential things to Selena, and she encourages that throughout her journey! 
    Book ISBN: 9781005927219


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