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Description of the Book:

Are you an art and culture enthusiast? Do you sometimes feel that the world needs more poems and works that celebrate the diversity that our cultures have? Look no more. You have found the perfect little poetry book. ‘We Remember’ was conceived as a humble attempt by The Hedonist Writer to preserve and promote the myriad of art forms, artists and history that exists around us. Delve deeper into this world with each poem, as she tries to get to the crux of every topic and remembers the masterpieces and the masters. Indulge yourself into the universe of Van Gogh, Raja Ravi Varma, Gulzar, Bhishma and find some surprising themes along the way. Make yourself fall in love with art and poetry all over again!

We Remember

  • Author Name: The Hedonist Writer
    About the Author: Hemangini Mandaliya also known as The Hedonist Writer, is an inquisitive soul and a creator by heart. A designer by profession, her friends know her to be a devout reader, and someone who can weave poetry out of thin air. With an irrevocable love for all things that are artistic, she is the flag-bearer for positivity and self-belief. Born in the heritage city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, she grew up in a home brimming with culture and tradition. Under the positive criticism of her father, she flourished into an amazing artist and writer. People close to her know her to be the sunshine of the house. She firmly believes that ‘Words can change worlds’, and that is what drives her to write. In her first poetry book ‘We Remember’, Hemangini celebrates the culture and art that exists in the world in the form of carefully crafted poems. Decode her colorful world and imagination through this book and be a part of her creative journey.
    Book ISBN: 9781005568771


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