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Description of the Book:


No book is only made of paper and ink. Each book of the world contains a part of soul of its writer. So this one is mine. It’s a collection of poems based on various themes. It includes poems in two language because I think your emotions don’t care of language you write. Now go and have a look at poems and try to listen my voice while reading those tiny words of poems. These poems are yours and only yours who read them so have a bond of love with them. “ vichar or ghyan jab batne band kr diye jayen to unke khtm hone ki sambhavna nishchit ho jati h” So share your knowledge and thoughts as much as possible. Also with me: IG -  


  • Author's Name: PRIYANKA PANGHAL
    About the Author: PRIYANKA PANGHAL is an aspirant who has been struggling for few years for a respectful platform but before getting that these years of struggles gave her an unexpected gift that is She became an author. Before being an author she is a reader she loves reading. Writing is her passion, her best friend and even the thing she can not live without . She belongs to a small village near city Jhajjar, Haryana. Her educational background is not literature. She started writing when the words started coming from her heart. She never adulterate her thoughts and emotions she puts them on paper from the bottom of her heart. She thinks that everyone has a magic inside him. So feel the magic inside you it may be by reading, by singing, by writing, by painting or in so many other ways .
    Book ISBN: 9781005228934


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