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Description of the Book:


Water is a collection of poems that journeys through the human emotion. Sydnie embraces the human experience in all it's emotional spectrum, and often interlaces it with themes of nature and healing, light and darkness, and finding the beauty in everyday life.


SKU: 9789360945954
  • Author's Name: Sydnie Sawicki

    About the Author: Sydnie is a true creative at heart, with a passion for poetry, writing, photography, performing, crocheting, and daydreaming. Her artistic endeavors serve as a means of self-expression and allow her to explore the world through different mediums. Sydnie's work often captures the beauty of everyday life, showcasing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Sydnie is a versatile artist who finds inspiration through everyday life and expresses that inspiration through various forms of creativity. Her ability to capture the essence of everyday moments and transform them into art is a showcase to her authentic expression. An East Tennessee native, she currently resides in South Carolina. With a Bachelor's in Occupational Safety and Health, she has spent the past 7 years working in industrial manufacturing environments focusing on health and safety. This background has continued to foster and shape how she creates and writes, and can be seen in many of her writing themes that relate to individuals' well-being and self-care. With a passion for personal well-being, she hopes to help inspire and create a more beautiful place.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945954
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