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The book consists of a collection of 18 poems that feel as warm as the sunlight after a cold winter. There are much lessons in store around us that beautifully substantiate the much needed hope and push to move forward. But people end up whining for fleeting events not knowing about the abundance nature has in store for everyone. After a downfall , no matter how small or big it may seem, disbelief strikes followed by grief and self-pity. The ones who get stuck inside this loop hardly thrive. So this book aims at opening a venture into the next step of this process - rebirth. The book beautifully portrays how there is a profound meaning attached to everything. Language has the power to perform an activity that has driven mankind for decades - Yes ! It is communication and comprehension. The book aims to comprehend the not so trivial everyday happenings one after the other so that next time the readers start seeing things with the lens of the author, that no more complains but compliments everything.

Warmth after Winter - (aka) Aarush

SKU: 9789360949648
  • Author's Name: Aishuwarreya Sunilkumar

    About the Author: Aishuwarreya Sunilkumar is a boy mom, an Electronics Engineer by profession and Bharathnatyam dancer by passion. Her liking for literature started from school days in languages English and Tamil. As days passed by, she owned every elocution contest she participated and carved a specific niche with her impressive speeches. She loves to read non - fiction books and immerse herself in the world of poetry. She also is an instagrammer having a writeup page dedicated to celluloid women called aval_on_celluloid.She identifies herself as a person who finds contentment in making others happy. Having different facets in life she also has set foot into poetry via this book. She believes that humans are gifted with the incredible thing called hope that helps them over overcome any obstacle in life. She also has plans to write as much as possible so that people can heal from whatever is going on with their life.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949648
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