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Description of the Book:

The girl who loved to live in her own small circle and accomplishing her tiny dreams in the big world, trying to express intangible thoughts in the form of soulful poems. Nothing is as pure as introducing yourself in the poetic world and reaching upto one's mind through your magical words. She compiled everything from childhood memories, teenager life upto our responsibilities for being a part of nation in a simple but meaningful words. These are not fiction based but totally realistic one which impacts everyone's life.


  • Author Name: Kadam kiran vishnu
    About the Author: Our author is a young girl named kiran, raised in a nuclear family with the educational thoughts. She just completed her graduation from Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University, parbhani. Her introvert nature and daily writing habit enforced her to take a first step towards this new world. This is the first poetry book of her unseen views. She put her eyesight on everyone's mindset towards finding source of own happiness and being mature enough to build pillars of humanity for others as your footprints in the form of these twenty poems. You may find your missing peace here..
    Book ISBN:  9781005287528


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