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Description of the Book :


This book lacks a theme; and if there should be one subliminally lodged into the works, this was only through the flux of chance. Perhaps the nullity of a theme could be considered as one in-itself. That's not for me decide; it's for you to enjoy.

Wall Clock

  • Author's Name : Shane McLaughlin
    About the Author : The works presented here are collected from a rather large bundle of poems. Since the author wishes to be as removed from them as possible, (to give precedence to the works themselves) little information will be provided. Shane was born in 2002, in a town whose name he'd rather not provide, to a fractionate family spread hundreds of miles apart. Rather ill and often homebound, he grew up in a shielded environment that provided little stimulation beyond a battered television set. Interests in literature and philosophy only recently arose after a difficult reading of Martin Heidegger.
    Book ISBN : 9787094075336
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