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Description of the book:

Do you know the level to which your body loves you? Do you understand the extent to which your soul is rooting for you to unbecome & unlearn those false labels & limitations put on you? Do you feel a calling to uncover your true nature, potential and purpose? What if your spirit took you on this journey? What if that journey was just 20 days? Walking You Home is that journey. It is a set of 20 carefully worded poems meant to make you think, reflect, appreciate and introspect, one poem a day, one day at a time.

Walking You Home

  • Author Name: MAITREYI K
    About the Author: I am Maitreyi K, a personal development and self love enthusiast with a love for writing and expressing parts of my personal journey with the intention to serve you, dear reader, a sun of hope and a path of light, to help you fall in love with discovering yourself, as you heal, grow and evolve. Follow me on Instagram @parinaama_blog and tag me with the parts of the book that spoke to you the most. I assure you, yes, this book was written for you.


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