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A compilation of 21 poems, written over the course of 20 days. A creative writing challenge, to write a poem for each day. The overall theme? Walking with Death. Full of fun little rhymes, describing stories, current social issues, heart break, interpersonal struggles, as well as, suicide, drug abuse, mental illness, and existential dread. There's even one from the perspective of death itself. In Western society, it's taboo to talk about death. In Eastern culture they often avoid the number four, as the word used for four, is closely related to the word death. This can create fear around the idea, which can foster existential crisis and dread. Death is something that should be spoken about and acknowledged. Everyone who is born on this Earth, will also, one day leave the Earth, so why don't we talk about it? Why don't we teach people how to live fully, but also prepare for the inevitable? And why are we so afraid to say words related to such a natural process? This book attempts to break through that barrier, and shout the words loud and clear. Not all poems are negative, but not all are positive. Don't stress though, most poems are fiction, attempting to highlight some of the struggles that may occur around death, and the taboo subject of mental illness and a mind full of struggle and darkness.

Walking with Death - Poems by Caitlyn Borkowski

  • Author Name : Caitlyn Borkowski
    About the Author : Caitlyn Borkowski is a 28 year old female author who resides in Canberra, Australia. Caitlyn completed a degree in Psychology in 2020, from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and is currently completing a Master Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Caitlyn also has an Advanced Diploma in Visual Art, which was completed in 2013. Caitlyn received an award for her poetry in 2005, when she was in year 8 at high school. Her picture poem, titled, "Presents", was presented in front of poetry spectators, at the Cooma Monero Railway Museum. There, Caitlyn was recognised as a young developing poet, and her poem was published in a news letter. Caitlyn has always been extremely creative, in both writing and visual art, creating stories and artwork from the moment she could grasp a pen. Ironically, Caitlyn has severe dyslexia, and struggles with reading, however, this does not impact her ability to write master pieces. Caitlyn, received high grades in school in music, art, and English. She collaborated with teachers in high school to implement a creative writing project, which was still used up until recently, as an English assignment at her school. Caitlyn has witnessed friends struggle with addiction and suicidal ideation, and she has also persevered through her own personal struggles. This has influenced her creative expressions in visual art and poetry, as well as her academic endeavours. Caitlyn has a particular fascination in death and existentialism, often incorporating subtle hints of this phenomenon, in both her visual art and writing projects. Caitlyn hopes to incorporate her life experiences, with her education in psychology and psychotherapy, so she can live out her dreams of helping others who suffer from mental health concerns. She has particular interest in alcohol and other drug counselling, and hopes to become an expert in psychedelic assisted therapies, so she can incorporate new evidence based approaches, into addiction recovery interventions models.
    Book ISBN :  9781005046682


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