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Description of the Book : 


Waiting for the Storm is a collection which explores love, loss, grief, anxiety, fear, and hope through poetry. Emma Blackwood has poured her inner most emotions onto paper, reflecting on present and past relationships, and carefully compiled this collection. She hopes that readers who, like her, are on a journey of healing, find solidarity in her writings.

Waiting for the Storm

  • Author Name :  Emma Blackwood
    About the Author :  Emma Blackwood was born and raised in Boorloo, of the Wadjuk nation. A self-described minimalist, and lover of strong coffee, Emma considers her friends and family to be the most important things in her life. If she isn’t spending time curled up on her couch with her son, you can almost always find her engaged with some sort of craft project. Waiting for the Storm is Emma’s debut poetry collection.
    Book ISBN :  9788671302913


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