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Description of the Book:


Seleka Behrs shares poems inspired by grief and loss, joy and connection, in dreamlike wonderment for all that is present.

Wail Words

SKU: 9789360946609
  • Author's Name: Seleka Behrs

    About the Author: Seleka Behrs is an author, poet, singer, musician, teacher, and traveler. She was singing before she was talking, and swimming before she was walking. She is a Holistic Mental Health Specialist and Grief Support Sound Healer. Seleka answers her spiritual call to show up in full authenticity, courageously sharing her heart's song. She lives with her best friend and favorite person, her husband Dominic Crooks, near Cincinnati, Ohio. She is supported by the spirits of her two late children, Zaque and Zolstice.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946609
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