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Description of the Book:

Poetry is all about self-expression and to let the thoughts flow out of one’s mind unheeding any rules or conventions. Poetry writing for me is immensely engrossing and exciting just like the excitement a photographer when he/she captures the perfect shot right then and there. And only once the shot is captured, one will feel complete. The sense of fulfilled feeling one gets to just articulate the bombarding thoughts inside one’s mind is the most enriching feeling ever. Life inspires me to write. The daily struggles of staying alive, the personal battles one has with oneself, the changing dynamics of human relationships, the conflicting paradigms of conventions, the wildness present in Nature and the suppressed human emotions, the extraordinariness of our ordinary existences all amaze me. And these are the very things one can find in this poetry collection. Sorrow, intensely raw emotions, internal battles, breaking relationships, acceptance of the darkness within, anguish over losing oneself to the ways of the World are some of the repeatedly seen motifs in these poems. This book is a collection of poems with such diverse themes that's itself is a reflection of the gradient nature of life which is a montage of joy, sorrow, failures, victories, bereavements etc.


  • Author Name:  Nikita John
    About the Author: Nikita John, who prefers to go by the name Nikki Jo, is a dilliwali malayali who loves poetry writing to the core. Brought up in Delhi and currently residing in Kerala, she is currently working as Assistant Professor in English in Grace International Academy, Punalur. Being a proud alumnus of Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi, she has explored the sundry realms of literature and is an ardent admirer of Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Hilda Doolittle, Kamala Das and William Blake. She is a nature lover, avid reader and an amateur photographer. Poetry is to her as waves is to the ocean. It is her expression of her thoughts, ideas and vision of the world. For her poetry writing is a form of an intra-communication channel wherein poems act as a channel for self-introspection and self-understanding. Through this book you'll get a sneak peek into her poetic journey that’s flavored with an optimistic melancholia.
    Book ISBN: 9781005320386


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