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Description of the Book:


"Viriditas" is a luminous collection of short poems by a young, female poet, delving into spirituality, emotional growth, and courage with poignant simplicity. Through raw emotions and effortless prose, she unveils the tender beauty of growth, encapsulating the essence of "viriditas" - the verdant vitality of the soul.

It is not just a simple a collection of poems; it is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a celebration of the natural world's enduring beauty. With each turn of the page, you will find yourself transported to a place of wonder—a place where the heart finds solace and the soul finds peace.

Also through her beautiful poems, Medha shares her life experiences which will make your mind retrospect about
what life is and also make it delve into a diverse array of topics, enticing readers on a journey through love, loss, hope, and self-reflection.

These poems remind us of our connection to something greater than ourselves. In these pages, readers will find inspiration, solace, and a profound sense of wonder—a reminder that, in the heart of nature, we can always find a home.

But "Viriditas" is more than just a reflection of the external world; it is also a journey into the inner landscapes of the soul. Through her words, readers are invited to embark on a voyage of self-exploration, guided by the wisdom of the natural world and the whispers of their own hearts.

Medha believes that, like the plants that push their way through the cracks in the pavement, we too have the capacity to bloom and flourish, even in the harshest of environments. As humans we are gifted with one boon that can change our life - ability to cope up with changes.

Through this book, the poetess wants to share her perspective on a variety of topics which we live in our daily lives.
Most of these are so common that we interact with it everyday but they go un-noticed as a result of our fast paced lives.

This book is not limited to emotions or inner thoughts but also covers various modern world items and satire on some well established concepts. Irrespective of the flavour of poetry that you enjoy, Viriditas has something to keep you hooked.


SKU: 9789363314894
  • Author's Name: Medha Pandey

    About the Author: Medha Pandey is a seasoned management consultant with a decade of experience working with renowned firms such as Deloitte and EY. Holding a master's degree in management from Milan, Italy, she brings a global perspective to all her work. She is a distinguished professional, recognized as the SaaS Newcomer of the Year at an international industry awards ceremony. Beyond her corporate success, she loves to sing, dance and meditate. She is also a disciple of Sadhguru. Medha's unique collection of poems reflects her diverse experiences, offering readers a glimpse into her unique blend of professional acumen and creative insight.
    Book ISBN: 9789363314894
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