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Description of the Book:


Embarking on a poetic journey, I draw inspiration from the whispers of the wind, the dance of leaves, and the quiet symphony of nature. Within the verses of my poetry, I extend an invitation to fellow wanderers seeking solace. Together, let us explore the profound connection we share with the natural world—a journey where each line is a stepping stone, guiding readers to moments of reflection, embracing the echoes of their own harmonies with the forces that surround us. May this collection serve as a companion on your path to finding peace within the gentle cadence of nature's song.

Vibing with कुदरत

SKU: 9789360942854
  • Author's Name: Deepshikha Khatri

    About the Author: Deepshikha, as an avid lover of nature, find solace and inspiration in the forces of the natural world. Her deep connection with the outdoors, coupled with a passion for meditation, shapes the essence of her poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942854
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