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Life is an array of bright and beautiful colors. Our wonderful nature too is a great source of colors where some are lively, and some are hidden. So, by appreciating and embracing these colors at every aspect of our lives we can live life to the fullest.


SKU: 9789360943011
  • Author's Name: SIMA MISHRA

    About the Author: Dr.Sima Mishra is a passionate lover of nature. Through her writings she adds color and beauty to life. She wants to express her feelings in a simple way to handle the complexities of life and enjoy it to the fullest. Being a doctor,youtuber and a great homemaker; she likes to love and heal everyone by touching their hearts with colors of love, joy and happiness. At present she lives in Bhilai,India at her sweet home "Shrestha".
    Book ISBN: 9789360943011
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