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Description of the book:

“VIBGYOR: The Shades of Womanhood” is a compilation of twenty poems that revolve in and around the world of women and womanhood. The themes of the poems vary from the birth of a girl child to the life of a grandmother. The book is a blend of distinct topics like prostitution, abuse, love, power, ambition, family, etc. Of late, the subject of WOMEN seems to have gained many confined views and cliched opinions. VIBGYOR is a mere attempt to bring forth the numerous facets of womanhood that are often overlooked or judged. Coming from a feminist writer, this book shall definitely take the readers on a short yet an ecstatic journey through womanhood. Let us take a deep dive into reality and embrace the essence of womanhood.


  • Author Name: Priyanka Hemchand
    About the Author: Priyanka Hemchand is a freelance web content writer and an M.A. in English with Communication Studies student at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru. Having cultivated an ardent passion for writing in her late schooldays, she has published various articles in The Hindu and a few journals. Gender, art & aesthetics, films are her primary areas of interest. She firmly believes that literature is a beautiful world in which you enter once, and there is no question of returning. She sees writing as an outlet of emotions, a soothing channel of expression, and a peaceful place to dwell in. She looks forward to engaging herself in the educational sector, simultaneously exploring the phenomenal spheres of Writing and Publishing.


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