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Description of the book


This book will offer you a plethora of emotions, desires and wants. The poems in this book are short but potent where deep questions are raised which begs for an answer. You will be left heartbroken and at the same time uplifted. The book carries sorrow as well as joy. It tries to cover a range of sensation. It might as well be a mirror of your feelings. After all, this book has been created for you. And it’s all yours.

Versing Trails

SKU: 9781005509002
  • Author Name: Godhuli Nanda
    About the Author: Godhuli Nanda is a Lawyer by profession and a Poet by heart. Growing up, she was minutely observant regarding complex human emotions and her writings today depict her take on the nuances of human life. Godhuli has a Masters in English Literature and has always been in love with the subject. Based out of Delhi, Godhuli spends her time writing, singing and practicing a bit of law. 'Versing Trails' is Godhuli's first compilation of poems.
    Book ISBN: 9781005509002


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