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Description of the Book:


Within this collection of 21 poems lies an exploration of the profound in the seemingly mundane. Each verse embodies the essence of the ordinary and the extraordinary, delving into the everyday occurrences that often go unnoticed. It's a poetic journey through the tapestry of life, capturing the beauty in the randomness of existence—celebrating the everything and the nothing.

Verses from the Unseen

SKU: 9789358314182
  • Author's Name: Claire Louise Streatfield

    About the Author: Despite immersing herself in the seemingly rational world of science over the years, Claire's true passion lies in the natural world and the unexplainable. She finds immense satisfaction in intertwining logic with her creative mindset and vibrant imagination. Claire's writings mirror her belief that the grandeur of life resides in the unnoticed, the everyday moments we often overlook. Through her words, Claire aims to highlight the profound impact these little things have on our lives, urging others to embrace the richness found in life's simplest treasures.
    Book ISBN: 9789358314182
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