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Description of the Book :


‘Verse and Circumstances’, is A Diary of Unfinished Poetries, Poetries which aren’t extraordinary yet special. Many I’ve written visiting again to my nostalgia, some I’ve written with my eyes being shimmered with tears. And, few I’ve written while imagining my fictitious world. But the common in every of my poetry is that all I’ve written with my heart. Verse and Circumstances is The Poetry of Circumstances, The Poetry of Life, The Poetry of Emotions, The Poetry of Humans, and The Poetry of U and I!

Verse and Circumstances - A Diary of Unfinished Poetries

  • Author's Name :  Vishal Sidhipalli
    About the Author :  Vishal Sidhipalli is a Short Films Director, Writer, and Video Editor. He has directed few Short Films which are now streaming on YouTube. His Short Films include, 'Pesha' (Hindi), CRUSHER (Telugu) and Naa Katha Vintaara? (Telugu). He has previously written an E-Book, 15/11 which is now on Amazon Kindle. Apart from his passion, he has recently pursued his Bachelors of Mass Communication & Journalism from St Mary's College, Hyderabad. He was born and brought up in Gandhidham, Kutch - Gujarat, then he along with his family shifted to Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh after his seventh grade, and now he is currently chasing some of his dreams in Hyderabad, Telangana - India.
    Book ISBN :  9780463113516
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