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Description of the Book:

A collection of queer poems that hurt a little to write. The 2am subject of one person’s obsession with love and longing. A set of thoughts about the relationship between the self and the other, alienation and yearning, that races through imagery in an attempt to find a way to make it all make sense. A collection of poems that I hope you will be able to find some little significance in.

Verb: To Bruise

  • Auhtor Name: Hanqing Li
    About the Author: Hanqing Li is a writer of, mostly, poetry and fiction. They are currently studying writing, classics, and law. You can find them at their tumblr, twitter, or instagram - @vileidol, or potentially at their house, spending too much time reciting poetry to their cat, writing down half-formed plans for their next story/poem, or tearing at their own hair.


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