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Description of the book:

“I’ll hold your hand and let your pain out even if am the reason!” These poems will do the same for you, because they have both honey and venom in them. It holds a magic in them. The book talks about the desperate souls in search of light among darkness, about how our heart aches. The reality, the expected, the unexpected, love, the sorrow, the light that is overshadowed by the darkness, all these emotions are emphasised in these poems. These emotions travel in your veins like blood streaming out not just on your bad days but on your strong days too. you are the missing piece, you are not just the sun and moon you are the only colours, only light, only brightness to my life, you are the rainbow to my life!

Venom and Honey

  • Author Name: Padmini Peteri
    About the Author: Padmini Peteri studied Post Graduation in Literature at O.U. and PGDTE at EFL University. She is an avid reader who has a passion for writing her heart out. Her first poetry collection “Of Chaos and Healing” comprises of more than 50 short poems, which talks about heart break, courage, self-love and love. Many of her poems have been published in different anthologies. To her writing is healing and a way of expression. She mostly writes about mental health and social issues and gets lost in the world of books, of imagination, of poetries and stories. She finds her refuge in poetry. She believes in smiling and spreading happiness makes the world a better place to live in. Her writing finds wings in her Instagram handle minithoughts_pp.


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