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If you could relive your most beautiful moments of life and rectify your faults from the past, how would that feel like?

This ruminating question is at the core of this simple and reflective poetry book, The Vantage thoughts. In this book the author, Thivya Jayakumar describes love and life in the most beautiful and optimistic form as every human on earth desires to live. This is a book for every one who likes to live life the way it comes and face struggles with smile and courage. This book may be the written form of some thoughts which some of us were unable to frame it in words.

Joy, sorrow, calmness, anger and all the human emotions always have a confining point to reach. And the perspective that we all would like to observe things at a saturated mind is all what the book speaks of.

Vantage Thoughts

SKU: 9789191875000
  • Author's Name : Thivya Jayakumar
    About the Author : Thivya Jayakumar, one among the few engineer turned writers, was born and raised in the city of Cuddalore, in the beautiful and enticing southern state of Tamilnadu , India. She started writing as a desire so every tiny to huge thing on earth she gazes at, could have at least a line from her pen. She has contributed her writings in various anthologies, "I Stand Strong" , "Enchantments", "Writer's Unite", "Lost and Found Words" , "Life Redefined". Thivya being a philophile, portrays love and fondness at its best in her poetry, that gives the reader a comforting sense that the writer is empathizing and grabs intense thoughts of life, which is an attractive trait.
    Book ISBN : 9789191875000
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