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This book describe few of the values that are present in each and every individual but are not expressed at the time of need. When the time comes the individual is not able to hold his emotions up to a state at which he can make a suitable judgement according to his present difficulty.. That is the time of reflection which results in nothing but only negative results and failures. This this collection describe few of the values that can help people to raise in difficult times. Success is not a one time formula but it is a blend of many attitudes that one gathers. This gathering is a results of multiple experience that takes the form of attitude during the time of performance.

Value these values

SKU: 9789358315776
  • Author's Name: Gayatri Kumar

    About the Author: Life is a journey of ongoing processes in which one has to face the hardships as well as the failures in order to reap the fruits of success sowed from the efforts and sacrifices which makes the destination more beautiful. This acquisition requires a lots of courage and determinations that are built from the principals of life and cognitive resonance.Which is very bound to get violated by the current situations. Inclination of the individual with these values will help him to raise and realise the importance of potentials gifted by almighty.
    Book ISBN: 9789358315776
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