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Description of the Book:

Poems are the answers to all kinds of questions in terms of expressing supplemental feelings in a handful of words. This book emerged from the thoughtful wandering of the author designed to help people discover their passion for expressing popping thoughts and speaking them out loud through verses. In this book, Ms Pushpa B goes beyond the actual event, diving into what it actually means to feel a certain experience, and explains exactly how this is done through her sophistication of language. Poems are simple, clear, comprehendible and perfect means of escaping the unbearable competitive world but there is also a better means to share your excitement for the future or the nostalgia of your past in a clear, compelling, and powerful way. Poetry is revolutionary, evolved much from brainstorming to sharing ideas to using them to communicate the exact feelings. The author reflects upon people’s experiences making them feel less desolate, each poem exquisite and insightful in its own way. This book fulfils a striking hardcover collection of illustrated short, powerful poems featuring completely new material, brilliantly precise about life, its yearning, loafing, relationships, friendships, loss, selfawareness, and what it’s like living between ulterior worlds, embracing one's imperfections, and learning the language of righteous gentle selfsatire. With much more to say, it’s also an ode to souls that continue to shine with luminous intensity even after they’re hurt, without the trifling considerations of the human race.

Vacillant wits: Oh! Now You see me!

  • Author Name: Pushpa Chhetri
    About the Author: Pushpa Chhetri was born in 1994 in Puducherry, India. Growing up, she was enchanted with fiction, and this instigated her pull towards literature related to superior reality, consequently developing a passion for ideas. She is a poet, writer and author whose writings have appeared in ‘The Deccan Chronicle’. Her work across multiple themes broadly addresses narratives of human experience which decipher a potent message. “Vacillant wits: Oh! Now You see me!" is Ms Pushpa’s first book. She has a uniquely odd quirk of fancy that shines through in her collection of poems on the importance we should be placing on intrinsic integrity. In her other life, she is a Nursing Officer at the PHC level.
    Book ISBN: 9781221471336


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