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Description of the Book:

In this collection of poems and lyric prose, Rebecca Baird explores the particular magic of finding a home in a hard place. From the voices of creatures from her own personal folklore to confessional poems and odes to the trappings of modern life, there is a glinting thread of celebration, a will to seek the whimsical. The charming. The urbane.


  • Author Name: Rebecca Baird
    About the Author: Rebecca Baird is a Scottish poet and arts journalist based in Dundee. Her writing focuses mainly on memory and music, the cultural mythologizing of the feminine experience and the romanticism of the mundane. Her work has appeared in several small publications such as The Rally online magazine, Folklore Publishing’s 2020 Secret Chords anthology and The Voyage Out Publishing’s These Windows collection. Her self-published pieces can be found on her blog, or on her Instagram, @grammour,puss. As for Rebecca herself, you can usually find her among trees, fairylights or gravestones, writing things in her head, or her notes app.
    Book ISBN: 9781005933111


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