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Description of the Book:

Most of the poems in this book really occurred, the rest are inspirations found in intriguing conversations or came out of a deep corner in my heart. The words used are simple yet elaborate , sentences are easy to understand yet complex, if the poems have an impact on you then you have indeed read between the lines.

Ups & Downs : Some Lost, Some Found

  • Author's Name: Samanah Rizvi Jaffery
    About the Author: Samanah Rizvi was born in Bahrain, brought up in Mumbai.She has 7 years of marketing & business development experience and for 25 years has been learning the art of saying No. She lives with her husband, Hasan Jaffery and her cat Smokey in Mumbai. She always found writing as a convenient medium of communication. Her belief is that life, people and situations are complicated the least we can do is use simple and easy language to converse. She is carefree, and a low maintenance person . Her life's motto has always been: Live and let live. She is always game on meeting people, going for a drive (as long as she is driving) overhearing conversations in public, reading books and humans, hosting friends, family at her house, because she still hasn’t learnt to say no.
    Book ISBN: 9781005703158


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