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Description of the Book:

This paperback opens to poems untangled from a life racing towards an unfamiliar destination. It is a marathon of personal thoughts that arguably befits every other neighbourhood friend.
Read on, dear Neighbour!

Up on the Hill

  • Author Name: Maha Mohamed Ali
    About the Author: I work as an Anaesthesiologist in the wakeful and especially the sleeping hours of the day but in the time that slips between these heavy hours, I write. Poem and/or prose; I'll latch onto any form that can reasonably contain my meandering thoughts. Poetry has served as a means of lightening my burdens, an exercise of mind, heart and limbs, yet a source of untainted joy. As a 30 year old woman in a world processed to try her, I have written both little and much to be read. May Allah bless your reading!
    Book ISBN: 9782439458942


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