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"Unwritten: The Poems That Never Were," embarks on a deeply personal journey through the heart's unspoken realms. This poetic narrative weaves through the intricate emotions of love, loss, and the longing that echoes in the unsaid. Far more than a collection of poetry, this book delves into the silent stories and unfulfilled dreams that shape our emotional landscape.

"Unwritten" transcends mere poetic expression, offering a window into the complex dance of human emotions. It is a narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the profound depths of love, the pain of loss, and the haunting beauty of the emotions that remain unvoiced. This book is not just about poems that were never written; it's about the poetic essence that lingers in the quiet spaces of our lives. It stands as a heartfelt tribute to the unspoken words of the heart, celebrating the unexpressed yet deeply impactful moments of love and longing.

Unwritten: The Poems That Never Were

SKU: 9789360949198
  • Author's Name: Jerald Infant Jeyarethinam

    About the Author: Jerald Infant Jeyarethinam is a mere scribe, recording the silent whispers of his soul as he navigates through life's endless beginnings and endings. His Poems are like snapshots of the myriad characters and moments he encounters, each adding to his understanding of the vast narrative of life. In this collection, Jerald invites you to explore the unwritten tales that lie within us all. Through his simple yet profound verses, he reveals the beauty of the untold, the unexpressed, and the unseen. Join him on this journey of discovery, where every poem is a window into the soul of its creator.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949198
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