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Description of the Book :


POEMS for expressing and embracing all from the heart and the soul. This book is a collection of poems about loneliness, hope, nature and more. The mundane and the magical. Preeti believes that we are all under the same sky with more or less the same struggles and paths. Yet each story is unique and deserves to be told, heard and read. This book is written to share the pain so you can unwind from all things that do not serve you and to let you know that you are not alone. The verses are simple reflections of the everyday ponderings and meeting every moment just as is. With ‘Unwind’, you’ll discover not just simple, relatable, and pleasant poetry, but also perhaps a guide to surrendering yourself and writing your own life in poems.


  • Author's Name :  Preeti Goel
    About the Author :  Preeti Goel is a poet, a writer, and the author of ‘Unwind’. A learning consultant by profession, Preeti has always been in love with the English language. Her writing journey began three years ago when she woke up one morning and found herself writing. She has traveled and lived in 19 states and is currently living in Maharashtra. She finds meaning and challenge in poetry as she tries to speak more in fewer words. She is also a fitness enthusiast and finds joy in simple things like a good book, a hot cup of coffee, a warm hug, and the colors of the sky. You can find her at
    Book ISBN :  9781005589929
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