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Unspoken Resonance By Lucia H.U. Although these poems come from a personal space, each poem brings a recognisable element. The poetry in this book leans on the basic emotions we are all capable of feeling. From love, to anger, this book includes what is available in our emotion’s repertoire. The stories might sound foreign, but the emotions described become words that are almost too familiar. Poetry allows us to perceive beauty where we do not expect it. The purpose of this book is to remind us we all can access the unexpected bliss in every corner. This collection of poems have been written to share not only a form of art, but also a way of being.

Unspoken Resonance

SKU: 9781005226022
  • Author's Name :  Lucia H.U.
    About the Author :  Lucia H.U. Lucia Lives in Sydney Australia. With backgrounds in psychology and counselling, Lucia has been writing creatively whilst advancing academically. Lucia has written poetry before in the form of lyrics, and although she is often writing creatively she does so mostly in prose. Unspoken Resonance is her first attempt to write a poetry book.
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