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Description of the Book:

How do we know we are not characters written in someone's book? If we are, who are we? The damsel in distress or the chosen one? For all we know, we are someone we don't even understand yet.
This book is a collection of letters which is a collection of words for someone you don't even know yet.
Find out if you are the wise mentor or the antihero of your story.


  • Author Name: Gayatri Tilgulkar
    About the Author: Gayatri Tilgulkar has published her short story in the book, 'Slice of life (2021)', Titled: When sloths Fly. She is also a part of an anthology of poems, 'Moonlight(2021)'. Titled: over the moon? Gayatri is a parttime writer and a fulltime theorizer of some fictional world. She reckons that not always you will need opulence, Most of the times Pen, paper, and resolution can get you through days. Consistency is the key, so she makes sure to not waste any day contemplating a utopian world filled with great books. She is a student, doer, and backpacker at the start of her twenties.
    Book ISBN: 9781005502843


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