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Description of the Book:

Unrequited adoration of yours is a collection of poetry written with pure heartedly for a girl by whom the writer is infatuated though he has never seen her in real, only in a picture. The mixed emotions of agony, pain, and at the same time the guiding light that love provides, the beauty of one-sided love, selfless adoration which soothes the heart.

Unrequited adoration of yours.

  • Author Name:  Pavan Patel
    About the Author: Pavan Patel was born in 2002 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Currently, he is doing an undergrad degree in Computer science. Growing up, he was fascinated with poetry, literature, and the idea of love. later on, he started writing and exploring more and finally publishing his first poetry book.
    Book ISBN: 9781005419424


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