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In "Unplugged: Workplace to Worldplace," Simone, invites you to step beyond the confines of the office and into a world where passions and musings reign supreme.

This book is your backstage pass to a life that transcends boardrooms and meetings, where Simone's thoughts and experiences take centre stage. Get ready to embark on a poetic journey through the pages, where you'll encounter badgers and border terriers frolicking amidst reflections on introversion in an extroverted world, heartfelt concerns about climate change, and the ever-evolving art of adulting.

Simone's words are more than mere ink on paper; they're windows into a multifaceted soul. As you dive into these pages, you'll discover a human with a profound connection to the world beyond work—a world filled with wonder, compassion, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of life, amid a bit frustrated with it too.

Unplugged: Workplace to Worldplace

SKU: 9789358369892
  • Author's Name: Simone Fenton-Jarvis

    About the Author: Introducing Simone, a workplace culture maestro who thrives on crafting remarkable employee experiences. But this book is your backstage pass to the life beyond the office, where Simone's passions and musings take centre stage. Get ready for a poetic journey through Simone's world, where badgers and border terriers dance on the pages alongside contemplations on introversion in an extroverted world, the pressing issue of climate change, and the intricate art of adulting. Dive into the pages and discover the multifaceted soul behind the workplace consultant's desk.
    Book ISBN: 9789358369892
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