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Description of the Book :


I didn’t dot the I’s or cross the T’s This is as raw as it gets - for now! This is just a little honest snippet into my life. Where it started. Where I began. When I learnt to own a life that is rough. However, we must rise like the phoenix to overcome every obstacle. Challenge every dice. Live to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful moments in life. Be grateful to the stars above that we had a chance to be alive.

Unpeeling The Layers - A little collection of heartfelt emotions

  • Author's Name :  Jagruti Kukadia
    About the Author :  Jagruti Kukadia (Jag) has always written but kept this a secret from most people until now. Her passion and time for writing poems increased during the period of furlough during UK Lockdown in 2020, when she spent a lot of time not only writing, but generally wasting away the days colouring in pictures, drinking gin and wine, gardening, and dreaming of those oh-so lovely past holidays and the ones we are all still waiting for. And now, her wonderful daughter, Sarika, being the magician that she is, has made the dream of publishing a reality. Jag writes about her life’s highs and lows, her observations and experiences of people, places and events, as well as her dreams, some fulfilled, and others not. Jag was born in Gil Gil, Kenya and at a very young age, moved to Greenwich, South-East London where she was surrounded by a huge extended family. Jag has moved a few times but returned to Greenwich where she continues to live with her 3 beautiful, independent children and close to her parents. She dreams about leaving London to move closer to a beach somewhere.
    Book ISBN :  9781005423025
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