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Description of the Book:


The book “unlock your life “ is based on how we supress our talent, our life ,our abilities ,our skills on the basis of others. How we overburden ourselves with so many responsibilities and forget our own life. The book is based on eveyday affair like weather,feelings, affection, forgiveness, loving yourself, and many more. The language is simple and short poems which many can relate with themselves.

Unlock your life

SKU: 9789360940935
  • Author's Name: Shubhra Saraf

    About the Author: I shubhra saraf was born in small town of bihar, Gaya on 6th April,1981. I did my studies till 10th from Nazareth Academy Gaya and higher studies from kolkata. I also persued for diploma in fashion designing from NIFD kolkata. I always loved to style myself and wear good clothes. I practised it for few years even afterni hot married in 2004. Soon after the kids were born i had to leave my profession and got busy with my family life. In 2020 i came through an online course of Life transformation where i got to know my hidden talent of writing poems which i had never done in life. I started weiting short poems in simple language seeing day to day affairs of life . The i realised i got this inheritence from my mom who used to write hindi poems since her childhood and couldnt fulfill her dreams of becoming a renowned poet. But by god grace we could help her in punlishing her first book titled DEEP ALI. So here is my journey with small poems which can help females to know their purpose of life and happiness explore their talent
    Book ISBN: 9789360940935
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