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Description of the Book:

This book holds parts of me, my life and everything within and without that have made me who I am today. All the joy, grief, confusion, doubt, loss and success have led to this. I hope when you read this book, you can find some sort of resonance in these poems.

Universal Perceptions

  • Author Name: Shahid Ahmed
    About the Author: I am an Indian and my writing journey began when I was in my engineering. My passion stems from my love for the language since I was a little boy and most of my work has been built around my perspective of life and by removing myself from myself in order to see what sometimes I ignore when I am within my own comfort zones. I come from a nuclear family of five and I've been an introvert in a big majority of my formative years and although now I have a pretty good social life, I think my experiences, be it positive or negative, have helped me in the most real way they could. I'm a self taught writer, so I guess I am not very refined but I believe feelings are raw and so should words be.
    Book ISBN: 9789368990062


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