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Description of the Book:

Poetry has always been and will always be an important part of my life. Seeing the rain drops on the leaf, observing the freckle in someone’s eyes and confessing a simple feeling calls out to the poet in me unlike others. Broken hearts, unrequited love and almost always’ make me cry out for help. But my poems have forever been the most comfortable home for me. They are a roller coaster ride for the broken and smooth jazz for those who are healing.


  • Author Name: Ishir Joshi
    About the Author: I have been a wanderer, a vagabond, and a hopeless romantic. Trying to find a home in the world is one of the biggest crisis for me and writing it down has been therapeutic and cathartic. Creating a space of my own through poetry has given this hopeless romantic relief from this strange little world. Music, sunsets and movies have made my poetry the way it is now.
    Book ISBN: 9782597489451


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