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Description of the Book:

More often than not, we all wish we could go the directions our heart steers us to. However, the realities of this fastpaced world are much different and we are merely catching up with the pace of it.

Unheard voices of an abundant heart is a collection of poems that represent all of our thoughts in their most unadulterated form; for there's a life we're living in reality and the one we are living in our heads. This book is an attempt to traverse the world that resides within us.

Unheard Voices Of An Abundant Heart

  • Author Name: Vibhati Aggarwal
    About the Author: Vibhati Aggarwal is based in Delhi where she lives with her family. She is an engineer by profession and works with an IT MNC. From a young age, she had an affinity towards penning down her thoughts. From the last pages of a notebook during school days to the notes of her phone during office breaks now, she leaves ink everywhere. "Unheard Voices Of An Abundant Heart" is a collection of her poems that she has penned over time and also her first as an author. Beyond work and writing, she enjoys painting, singing, and traveling.
    Book ISBN: 9780688643706


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