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Description of the Book:

This is a love letter to people I adore and care for. These are words of hopes, of fire and of pain. To help you, in some way, find a way to heal with the words I have put down. To help you move on, grow and begin to believe in yourself again. But most of all begin to hope daily, to hope for smiles and sunny days. Welcome Home.

Unfiltered Coffee Breaths

SKU: 9781005319748
  • Author Name: Aadya Tiwari
    About the Author: Aadya has been writing since she was 14. Poetry was initially a coping mechanism. Now it is the most natural thing for her to do, ritualistic like breathing. She resides in London and is beginning law school after having graduated from the University of Manchester. She is 21, maintains an independent blog online and writes for a digital newspaper- The Wall of Justice. Her writing journey is only beginning.
    Book ISBN: 9781005319748


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