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Description of the book


A book of poems that are inspired by nature, self love and imagination. Sam believes that things that can not be said, can be expressed through poetry. Poetry is the language of imagination. A little bit of imagination, and a little bit of hope, a little bit of love too- "Under the stars" is a collection of poems that have been written to brighten up your day.


Under the Stars

  • Author Name: Samhitha Kappagantu
    About the Author: Samhitha (Sam) is a nature lover with a passion for writing. She believes that nature is beyond beauty, and the only way to see it, is by observing it. Her poetry is inspired by her dreams and the notion that thoughts and fantasies are endless, and the best way to express them is through poetry.She enjoys writing about nature, dreams and hope.When she is not writing, Sam enjoys watching tennis or binge watching a good show on Netflix! She might be a software engineer by profession, but is and will always be, a poet at heart. Her debut book, "Under the Stars" is a poetic exploration of the endless thoughts that run through imaginative minds when you're what they call, 'A night owl'.
    Book ISBN: 9781005221744


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