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Description of the Book:

Under Pastel Skies is a collection of poetry written about the feelings and experiences of a young woman. Emotions and trauma runs rampant but the pen has always been mightier than the sword. In an attempt to conquer her feelings, words become her weapon of choice.

Under Pastel Skies

  • Author Name: Makaylee Clark
    About the Author: Born in Tacoma, Washington and raised in Cocoa, Florida, Makaylee Clark has always been a writer at heart. Backlogs of stories and poetry could be found stuffed into every nook and cranny of her bedroom and computer. An avid writer and reader, Makaylee went on to become an English Language Arts teacher, where she gave students a space to share their writing. It was during her “Pandemic Teaching” year that she realized that she needed to be brave like the students she teaches. In her first publication Under Pastel Skies, she bears her heart and soul to her readers —and asks you to be gentle but honest.


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