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The autobiography opens with a curious question, prompting readers to ponder the identity of the author, whom political figures begrudgingly label a “farzi reporter”. This initiates a journey into her past, into a life that is nothing short of cinematic. This a story of a girl with an everlasting influence of a completely unconventional father, which in turn would “brad” the contemplation of the author, forever. A small-town naïve girl, who never played safe, from overcoming family stereotypes traveled the arduous distance to chase her dreams in India’s bustling cities and achieve what many can only aspire to achieve. Throughout her journey, she cultivated a diverse career encompassing roles in news anchoring, writing, television production, direction and investigative reporting.
Venturing into undercover reporting at a time when female presence in the field was rare, the author defied traditional journalistic standards. Despite lacking formal education in journalism, she immersed herself so deeply in grave matters that rattled the foundation of national news. Behind the scenes, she emerged as an unsung hero, crafting some of the most impactful investigative stories that dominated headlines across major news channels. The internal conflict of a mother torn between the demands of her career and the heart-wrenching decision to leave her one-year-old baby behind is deeply poignant. The narrative then unfolds into her gripping investigations, showcasing her courage as an undercover reporter. But what makes this journey exciting is how many times she unfailingly sails through with sheer perseverance. There are many women who choose the “less-chaotic” path, but the author decides to ”stand her ground” and “carve her own niche”. It is a journey of trials and tribulations, successes and failures, frustration and hope to finally triumph. Her narratives have the power to evoke strong emotions in readers. With an unending trail of challenges, the author displays incredible amount of fortitude to tread forth! This is a story of repeated resurgence from ground zero, of a fighter who never gives up. It is a remarkable evolution of a timid, introverted girl into a confident, empowered woman. It truly embodies the essence of female empowerment and celebrates the indomitable spirit of womanhood. It resonates with every woman striving to challenge societal norms and honors the resilience and strength inherent in womanhood.

UNCOVER - An Autobiography

SKU: 9789358319347
  • Author's Name: Manisha Upadhyay

    About the Author: The key aspects of her diverse career and national achievements are many. She had a multifaceted career of 18+ years in the national news television industry in diverse capacities of a News/Program Anchor, a Writer, an Executive Producer, a TV show Director and an Investigative Journalist. She held the positions of Programming Head for Asia’s first women’s channel and the Channel head for Asia’s first matrimonial channel. Best known for her role as a Prime-time Anchor, Manisha has been anchoring news bulletins and other TV shows. Her directorial assignment, a documentary on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was screened in United Nation’s Headquarters- Geneva. Some of her directed shows were translated for Assamese and Bhojpuri channels. She has also acted in a couple of movies and penned lyrics for a Bollywood song. She can be credited for being among very few women undercover reporters in India, whose investigative stories have been telecast by all the top news channels of the country. AAJ-Tak—a notable news channel—collaborated with her to get exclusive reporting on the criminal activities of now jailed Asaram Bapu, telecast on AAJ-Tak and Headlines today. Her exclusive expose on corruption in the Aam Aadmi Party hit headlines on Times Now, NDTV, News X, Zee Business, CNN-IBN, ABP News, etc. Her exclusive investigative reports from Bangalore were telecast on Star News and IBN7. The AAJ-TAK investigative story was included as a part of the evidence by the Jodhpur High Court in the Shahjahanpur rape case against now-convicted Asaram. She was amongst the few investigative journalists interviewed for a short film shot in solidarity with UNESCO’s globally launched ‘Truth Never Dies’ campaign. Recipient of President V.V.Giri Award, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Award, Rajiv Gandhi Ratna Puraskar, Swami Vivekanand Youth Icon Award, to name a few.
    Book ISBN: 9789358319347
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