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Description of the Book:

In today's world, feelings are showed to people with the intention to either hurt or enlighten them. We find opinionated people, self centred and also selfless people and it is said that life is the best teacher a person can learn lessons from. This book speaks of those emotions mankind either underestimate or are truly considerate about. Some strong emotions like selflove has been going distinct in order to make others happy, some evil doer precisely demotivate people. In short and sweet sense, the poems in this book speaks to your heart in good sense.


  • Author Name:  Ritu Choudhary
    About the Author: Ritu Choudhary is a student at Amity University Mumbai at present. A daydreamer who wants to become a wellknown author one fine day. UNCENSORED TREASURY is her debut work. Determined to aspire her dreams while competent enought to make her way into the fictional world by pen name Tenderfeet.
    Book ISBN: 9784851037569


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