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Description of the Book:

Another.? Full of heartbreak, Yet heart healing, Un-love story. Maybe nothing new, In the subject. But she just refuses to accept Until acceptance. Till it became the only choice. Often overused and overwhelming, Yet a powerful feeling. This is an un-love story Maybe you cringe, Thinking about new love, But this is a story to un-love. Because, Acceptance, in reality, is the only choice.

Un-Love Letters

  • Author Name: Utkarsha Kohli
    About the Author: Having no real qualifications, To have written a real book, To have published her work, Without a single achievement, To brag about, In 'Author's Bio', She is, One among you all. She, Is just another depressed soul. Healing. Surviving, And making sense of the world. Having thrown at it, Without her will. Born in the Daunting Delhi, Brought up in Holy Haridwar, Currently in Magnanimous Mumbai, On the lookout for a place called home.
    Book ISBN:  9781005523886


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