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Description of the Book:


This is NOT a love story. This is poetry shaped as a symphony, a symphony for love. It is the story of two fools falling, crawling, stumbling, blindly fumbling in love. This is for the unicorns, the hopeless romantics, the awakened, the misfit toys. Welcome to a retelling of an overly dramatic twin flame journey. Let's just call it: How I met my twin flame - or 20 things I love about you. 

Twin Flames and Unicorns

  • Author's Name: Camila Pfaller
    About the Author: Camila Pfaller started writing when she was nine and never stopped since then. She is the author of “Monster“, a dark erotic fantasy novella and has published several short stories over the years, her most famous being “Shaina“, “Die Katze“ and “Seelenmusik“. She lives in Germany and mostly writes in German. “Twinflames and unicorns“ is her first publication in English. Her heart belongs to the fantasy genre, but she admits she has a thing for mythology and villains, so she sometimes strays into other genres as well. She lives near Frankfurt (but spends way too much time in imaginary worlds) and shares her life with her imaginary friends (aka her inspirational squad) and her demonic hellcat and familiar Chewy. When she is not writing, she can be found collecting shiny things in nature (preferably near the sea or a river) and doing something creative like drawing, painting, singing, acting or dancing. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram (@nenianocturna) and on her blog "Musenkuss und Schreibmagie".
    Book ISBN: 9781005934354


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