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Description of the Book :


Poetry is an art of its own. The use of metaphors, similes, assonance, and all the other wonderful poetic techniques which aren't available in every day speech can be used in a poem. Choosing the right words in the right places can convey beautiful meanings, feelings, sounds, gestures, signs and more to a reader. BookLeaf publishing introduced a writing challenge (#writeangle) in which you have to write a poem each day for twenty days. Feeling nostalgic of the poems I published in childhood with Young Writers in 'Away with Words' and 'Great Minds', I decided to take up on this challenge after more than fifteen years to fall in love with poetry all over again.

Twenty Days

  • Author Name : Srilekhini Kadari

    About the Author : Dr Srilekhini Kadari graduated from Hull York Medical School in the UK and lives in London. During her freetime she likes to rediscover her passion for writing. She has a history of publications including audits, articles, an evidence-based research study publication in the METRIC journal and a self-publication of a Medical revision book.

    Book ISBN : 9781005931193


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