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Description of the Book:

Why does anyone has a favorite song or some music, because you connect to it or feel like its singing what you have in heart or mind. Similar are the poems in this book which connect in real life to situations, feelings, a person or if i sum up at some point its you speaking or just feeling which i have blended in words. Just like you listen variety of songs and find your favorite and may be even that song became favorite after hearing for number of times, same may be the case here. I express gratitude, for whatever you read inside....

Tunes of Zaz

  • Author's Name: Deepali Agarwal
    About the Author: Deepali, is 1990 born, educated as CA, serving a job, not so exciting. However expressing her thoughts or some one else's as a newbie writer became her hobby if you may say during pandemic. She finds herself passionate about finding beauty or feelings in everything around. Also loves to paint, dance, take care of plants and cook exotic meals(although less it happens). She lives in Gurgaon with her husband, Sameer. @tunesofzaz||Instagram


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